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Interior of a shop designed by Retail Experience Design including product display

Retail & Showroom

The pace of change in retail is relentless but good design will always help you to connect with customers.

Product display areas in retail unit designed by Retail Experience Design

Personalisation; immersive technology; sustainable materials – retailers are always exploring new ways to stay ahead. Done right, retail design will increase footfall, maximise sales and enhance your brand identity.

We’ve worked on everything from startups and independents to multiples and big-name brands, helping retailers in every sector to create engaging, inspiring stores. Our experience can help you connect with customers, create captivating spaces and achieve your commercial goals. This is design that delivers results.

How we can help you:

Applying our creative imagination and commercial intelligence to solve a range of retail problems – being more sustainable, creating impact, relocating or rolling out new stores.

Gaining an insight into your customers – their motivations and desires – to make the most effective, impactful use of your space.

Translating an online experience or brand vision into a new physical space – helping you successfully take your first steps into ‘bricks and mortar’ retail.

Understanding customer behaviour

Whether you’re opening a new store or want to make better use of an existing space, taking good design decisions hinges on understanding your customers – their wants and needs, their desires and dislikes, their shopping behaviours. Putting the customer at the heart of our thinking allows us to make informed decisions on every element of your design, from layout and lighting to wayfinding and fittings.

When Wheelfreedom asked us to create their very first physical showroom, they told us they wanted to challenge the typical mobility industry customer journey – to make their customers feel empowered by the experience of trying out new equipment. We worked extensively with them to understand their different customer profiles then used our findings to make informed, intelligent decisions throughout the design process.

Customer behaviour

Innovative, integrated, immersive store design

Customers are increasingly looking for a seamless retail experience – a place where online shopping intersects effortlessly with the real world. That’s where we use our blend of imagination and intelligent store design to find brave solutions. By putting your brand at the heart of the design strategy, we can create an integrated experience – one where everything clicks into place.

You can see this kind of thinking in our design for Betterlife – a hybrid space, combining retail and showroom. Our innovative, stimulating design uses a large-format interactive wall, AV screens and VR installations to showcase their services and create an immersive, well-connected customer experience.

Creating an effective customer journey with good retail design

A considered, well-designed store layout is one of the most important elements in the customer journey. An intuitive layout helps customers navigate your space and makes it easy for them to engage with your products. We regularly use our layout expertise to help retailers achieve their aims – increasing dwell time, highlighting key products and leveraging sales. 

Working as part of a large multi-agency team, we led the technical interior build on a £multi-million refurbishment project for John Bell & Croyden’s Westminster store. We developed in-depth master drawings for this 1300 square metre prime retail space, encompassing layouts for flooring, electricals, HVAC, fixtures and fittings and lighting. Achieving a good store design depends on getting all these details right.

Retail Display area in the WheelFreedom showroom, designed by Retail Experience Design

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There are no boundaries to what good design can achieve for your space and your business. Take a look at some of our work.

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Retail & Showroom


Retail & Showroom


Retail & Showroom

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