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Counter and reception area at INANCH London

Salon & Wellbeing

We know that hair, beauty, health, and wellness is a fast-changing and fiercely competitive landscape.

Styling area and workstations in a hair salon designed by Retail Experience Design

In a sector where brands are continually blurring the lines and exploring bold aesthetics, your space can be your differentiator.

Whether you’re launching a new venture, or you have an existing space that you know could work harder, we have the problem-solving prowess and creative edge to help you succeed. Our design experience spans the world of retail so you can trust us to see the bigger picture, creating an inspiring environment without compromising on commercial effectiveness.

How we can help you…

Create a visually captivating space that tells your brand story – finding the right aesthetic will help grow referrals and raise your profile online.

Meticulously plan your space so that you can serve clients efficiently and optimise the way you sell products and services. We can balance your commercial ambition with your creative vision.

Transform your customer experience by creating spaces that help people to relax, rejuvenate, escape from stress or connect with nature.

Selecting materials that create a compelling customer experience

What kind of materials best capture your brand? Concrete, metal and unfinished timber convey an industrial contemporary feel. Perhaps you’re looking for a warmer aesthetic, combining natural stone with biophilic design – injecting shapes and forms from the natural world. Our wide-ranging materials knowledge can help you distinguish your design direction as well as considering key factors like cost and durability. 

Inspired by the industrial feel of the unit, our design for Vixen & Blush uses an intelligent mix of materials to create a current yet chic space. We combined exposed infrastructure – concrete floors and retained slab ceilings – with contrasting materials including marble worktops, solid oak frames plus bespoke metalwork and seating.

Workstations at Vixen & Blush salon
Comfortable, stylish customer waiting area at Vixen & Blush salon
Designs for the waiting and reception area for a salon

Maximising capacity without sacrificing creativity

We know that designing a visually striking space is crucial for creative businesses but whether you’re a salon, spa, beautician or barbershop, every square foot of space is an opportunity to serve clients and sell products. Our philosophy is about striking a balance between productivity, efficiency and customer experience. Every design has a floorplan, meticulously created to find the most effective layout – one that factors in customer touchpoints and the way you work.

Our re-design for award-winning salon Inanch London saw us review the layout of the entire salon, looking at customer flow, workstations, experience areas and point of purchase, as well as merchandising. We were able to transform the space into a luxurious, indulgent boutique salon, as well as accommodating two extra workstations and a new hairwash/ relaxation room.

Stylish salon reception area
Row of workstations and mirrors at a hair salon

Bringing your brand story to life

The leap into physical retail is a significant transition for any online business so we were delighted when this independent ecommerce skincare brand Soveral entrusted us with the responsibility of conceptualising their first physical store. We knew that to create a successful store concept we’d need to focus on bringing their brand to life.

The experience-led salon we designed is a great example of how to distil an existing business brand into a new physical space. A bespoke environment that reflects your values and personality will help you stand out in a space full of imitators – and you’ll cultivate lasting relationships with customers who buy in to your ethos.

Treatment workstations at Soveral
Product display area at Soveral salon

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Salon & Wellbeing

Vixen & Blush 

Salon & Wellbeing

Treatment workstations at Soveral


Salon & Wellbeing

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