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House of Hearing


The Challenge

Relocating House of Hearing’s flagship audiology clinic to a listed townhouse in the prestigious Melville Crescent Edinburgh was a highly ambitious concept.

First, we needed to know if the building had the potential to be transformed, so we completed feasibility survey and layout review and space plans to understand the possibility of the space.

With the realization the building could work, our challenge was to transform the space into a practical and functioning clinic, whilst being relentlessly resourceful with budget.

What we did

With plenty of architectural obstacles, a restoration project would have been the easiest route, but unduly expensive. 

For that reason, our strategy included working the existing architecture and features to conceal the building imperfections and inherent structural challenges with clever design. 

What’s more, we effectively managed the acoustics of the space, integrated the range of specialist equipment all whilst complying to complex healthcare and industry regulations.

Insight & Strategy

Branding & Graphics

Concept, Design & Development

Technical Design & Drawings

Design Management



From the vital clinical details to the overall patient experience, our design transformed a listed building into House of Hearings flagship clinic. The overall design creates a highly efficient working environment for audiologists and a comfortable space where patients feel at ease. 


“The design of our new clinic has established a new benchmark for Audiology and Aural care facilities in Europe.

Patients are now visiting us in numbers we could not have imagined or hoped for and we are delighted to welcome them to our world-class facility.

For our most ambitious project yet, it was crucial we worked with a design team who shared our vision and passion for creating an environment that clinicians would be proud to practice in and where patients would feel special and cared for.

Agreed deadlines were hit, budgets achieved, and designs delivered!  And the patients and clinicians?  Well, they love it!”

Colin Campbell

Director, TAC Holding (House of Hearing)

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