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Park Vision


The Challenge

Park Vision was full to bursting. Continued growth had resulted in a lack of space, poor storage and difficulties dispensing, while a spacious examination room dominated the practice. 

As a result, Park Vision felt their patient ‘experience’ was compromised, and so unsure if they should invest in improving their existing space or move.

Design Approach

By completely reconfiguring the practice, we demonstrated how the space could become highly functional and support more patients without the need to move.

An improved patient experience was crucial to the design strategy, as was creating a contemporary and stylish interior. 

Aesthetically, our plan to mix concrete and earthy materials with timber and glass helped create a visually striking space. The contrasting materials created a stylish interior design theme, while adding a warm and welcoming tone to ensure all patients felt comfortable and welcome.

Insight & Strategy

Branding & Graphics

Concept, Design & Development

Technical Design & Drawings

Design Management



The interior design established the unique and striking boutique optical environment Park Vison aspired to achieve. And by creating an engaging customer journey, with dispensing at its heart, Park Vision can provide their patients with a unique and personalised dispensing experience. 

2 year period


increase total profit

“Park Vision is everything I wanted and more…it is simply stunning…but more importantly, it works!!!”

Michelle Beach

Optometrist Director, Park Vision

Park Vision is everything I wanted and more…it is simply stunning…but more importantly, it works!!!

Every space is utilized, behind every possible flat surface is a hidden cupboard, we have so much storage space, hidden sockets, subtle downlighting, a secret frame adjustment area, a coffee machine tucked behind a flush cupboard, and even a recharging socket for patients to recharge their phones when having a coffee. It is spacious, clutter-free – patients walk in and just say “wow” – I am super proud to call it my practice.

I have a futuristic examination room – clean white surfaces, washbasin, hospital taps, modern towel dispenser, and all testing room clutter is stashed behind flush cupboards”

I would not hesitate to recommend Dean and the team at Retail Experience Design….if you are reading this looking at the old carpet, cluttered shelves, nasty frame bars, and a tired pile of magazines……raise your game and pick up the phone now. You won’t regret it!

Michelle Beach

Optometrist Director, Park Vision

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Working with the Optical Sector

We know what makes a successful space – somewhere you can provide both an exciting retail offer and an expert eyecare service.

We can help

  • Transform your traditional, tired interior into a unique retail space 
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your patients’ behaviours, wants, and needs to redefine your customer experience.
  • Leverage your space to create a highly efficient working environment – one that balances ‘look and feel’ with functionality.

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