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View of office and meeting rooms Designed by Retail Experience Design


The world of work is changing fast. That’s where design can make a difference, by creating spaces where people want to be.

Offices, wrkspace and breakout areas at TwinGlobes, designed by Retail Experience Design

More and more organisations are asking us to use our interior design skills to help them reimagine shared spaces and create inspiring environments.

We’ve helped businesses ranging from startups and SMEs to major PLCs to relocate, resize, re-evaluate their space and reflect their culture in their surroundings. We’ve created flexible, future-proof environments to meet the challenges of hybrid working. And we’ve seen that when people feel connected with their workspace, it increases productivity, creativity and employee satisfaction.

How we can help you…

Thinking inclusively and intelligently to create a balanced space that accommodates different demands and individual working styles.

Creating a hybrid-ready workplace – somewhere stimulating and collaborative, not just a collection of desks.

Engendering a sense of pride and belonging through bespoke design that captures your organisation’s brand values.

Design for a meeting room at McKesson including large computer screen, meeting table and silhouettes of workers

Tailored to you and your people

No two businesses are the same. That’s why we believe so strongly in the power of bespoke design. Whether you’re relocating, resizing or re-evaluating your working environment, you can be confident that alongside the distinct physical challenges of your space, we’ll also consider your aims, your culture and the way your people work together.

McKesson tapped into our expertise to create a hybrid-ready workplace – somewhere stimulating and collaborative for both staff and clients. We shaped our multi-functional design around the company’s brand values, vision and culture. The result – an interactive, experiential space, designed to connect with McKesson customers and inspire their employees.

Space planning opens up new possibilities

Behind all our workspace designs is a floorplan that’s been meticulously considered to find the most efficient, effective layout for you. After surveying your space, our designers think carefully about how people will navigate the area and the kind of functional zones needed to concentrate, collaborate and consult with customers.

This design for Twin Globes shows how skilful design can increase the footprint of an office. The former retail unit was too small for the number of workstations they needed but with clever space planning, we were able to find room for extension. The result – a flexible open-plan scheme with more than enough desk space to accommodate everyone.

Capturing your company’s brand values

An effective workplace design should bring your company’s brand to life. But, in our experience, not all brands are developed with a three-dimensional element in mind. That’s where our experience comes in. We take time to understand your brand, values, culture and customers and then align them with different elements of the interior design – the layout, lighting, flooring, furniture, colours, graphics, materials and key messaging 

Our project for Sapphire Eye Care is a great example of translating a brand to something that works in a physical space. Working in surgical eyecare, Sapphire told us that attention to detail was at the heart of their brand. We translated this into each element of the design to create a highly professional, functional and attractive office space that empowers staff to provide the very best service to patients.

Office breakout area
Desks and workspace areas in a stylish modern office

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