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Reception and waiting area at House of Hearing


Where healthcare and retail intersect, our interior design expertise can help you balance clinical needs with commercial goals.

Exterior of My Healthcare Clinic lit up in the evening

At Retail Experience Design, we firmly understand the complexity of designing for healthcare businesses – the need to balance delivering a positive patient experience with achieving your commercial goals.

Our experience spans a broad range of environments where health meets retail: from private medical clinics, dentists and pharmacies to optical and audiology clinics. Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, you can trust us to take care of every aspect of your project – from the vital clinical details to the overall retail experience.

How we can help you

Transform a traditional or tired interior into a modern retail space.

Create a positive customer experience that reflects your brand values.

Maximise your space to create a highly efficient working environment for clinicians.

Putting your patients in safe hands

Creating a comfortable space where patients feel at ease builds invaluable confidence and trust. It’s something we’ve done time and time again. Often, as shown in this project for MyHealthcare, this starts by getting the right front-of-house experience. 

Through the considered use of materials, fixtures and fittings, finishes, lighting, colours and furniture, we were able to create a premium healthcare space with a calm, warm welcoming feel. Our design puts patients at ease the moment they walk through the door, as well as reflecting the company’s brand values – ‘creating trust and excellence in healthcare’. 

Modern, stylish waiting areas at My Healthcare Clinic, designed by Retail Experience Design
My Healthcare

Integrating technology and specialist equipment

We’re very well acquainted with the complexities of clinical environments, not least the vast range of specialist equipment and technology required. Whether we’re incorporating optical testing technology, audiology testing booths or specialist pharmaceutical equipment, we use our ergonomic expertise to ensure your environment is efficient, safe and comfortable for your patients and your people.

As part of our layout for Vision + Eyecare, we designed a purpose-built testing and dispensing zone integrating advanced ZEISS optical technology. We were only able to do this successfully because our team understand clinical and optical environments from both a compliance and a technical perspective – from the start, we knew how patients and staff would need to interact with the space and the equipment.

Acoustic design in clinical areas at House of Hearing
House of Hearing

The role of acoustics in healthcare spaces

Effectively managing acoustics is vital in sectors like audiology and optics. Good sound design not only increases patients’ privacy and comfort, but also improves the efficiency of the workspace for clinicians. 

Managing noise control was crucial in helping to create a positive patient experience for House of Hearing. We installed soundproof pods to improve the working environment. We also treated the clinic walls with a range of specialist acoustic materials to absorb sound, minimise noise and prevent echoing. The materials made for a decorative design feature too, cleverly disguising some of the building’s inherent imperfections.

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