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The Challenge

Pharmaceutical Distribution and supply chain company McKesson – asked for our help reimagining their HQ office space in Coventry. 
McKesson’s ambition was to create a more collaborative workspace that provides employees with choice and flexibility and supports agile working. 

What we did

The development of a solid design brief was crucial to the project. While the organization’s needs were vital in shaping the brief, we had to gain insights directly from the people using the space to understand their needs.
A significant reconfiguration of the 100-square-metre space allowed us to evaluate the space and advise McKesson on how its layout could be more efficient for its business, people, and customers.
The design included the creation of several self-contained private booths – adaptable, multifunctional spaces – that offer employees the flexibility of using the spaces based on their or customers’ needs.
We carefully considered the brand, values, culture, and customers. Then, we aligned them with different interior design elements, including lighting, flooring, furniture, colors, graphics, materials, acoustics, and key messaging.

Insight & Strategy

Branding & Graphics

Concept, Design & Development

Technical Design & Drawings

Design Management



Mckesson’s new office space creates a flexible, multifunctional, hybrid-ready workplace – somewhere stimulating and collaborative, not just a collection of desks.

The new head office reflects its people and provides employees with the space to work and thrive together.


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Working with the Workspace Sector

We’ve helped businesses to relocate, resize, re-evaluate their space to create inspiring environments – workspaces where people want to be. 

We can help:

  • Create a hybrid-ready workplace – somewhere
    stimulating and collaborative, not just a collection of desks.
  • Deliver a balanced space that accommodates different demands and individual working styles
  • Engendering a sense of pride and belonging through bespoke design that captures your organisation’s brand values
Design for a meeting room at McKesson including large computer screen, meeting table and silhouettes of workers

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