Design Brief

Inspired by Retail Experience Design’s work with John Bell & Croydon independent pharmacy retailer LIFE, Brompton Road, London, asked Retail Experience Design to help realise their business vision by creating a brand-new multi-faceted health and wellbeing retail brand and environment.

With a new commercial unit already earmarked, LIFE required Retail Experience Design to develop a new brand and concepts for their retail ambition.

The vision for the retail business included core elements of health and wellbeing under one roof, featuring pharmacy, natural health medicine, supplements, and food as well as health and beauty. LIFE had a clear design brief – to achieve a luxurious, boutique environment inspired by the opulence of Middle East chic.

Design vision

The space design needed to achieve a clean and considered environment, whilst aesthetically accomplishing a tone of luxuriousness and grandiose. Yet, careful consideration with the budget was essential, requiring Retail Experience Design’s imaginative and creative use of materials and finishes.

With a sensible, opposed to lavish budget, standard fixtures and fittings, glass shelves, and metal uprights formed the framework for the physical environment. Retail Experience Design skilfully enhanced the rudimentary materials with luxurious finishes, including high gloss laminate goal posts and surrounds.

Ceramic wall tiles, high gloss marble floor, and marble granite counter worked to create a grand impression, and the use of large mirror panels took full advantage of the height of the retail space.

A run of the mill pharmacy environment with endless rows of shelving was never an option for LIFE, and although the volume of products would be high, the design allowed for creative merchandising with gondolas and considered focus units to promote and highlight merchandise, providing a sophisticated and merchandising approach.

Retail Experience Design delivered the conceptual LIFE brand, as well as brand development and store concepts.

The creation and development of the LIFE superbly introduced the idea of luxury, as well as successfully elevating the space and interior design, at the same time achieving a unique brand identity.

The skilled use of materials had a crucial role to play in the concept design, as did as the careful consideration and treatment of materials and finishes such as brushed gold vinyl and gold trims throughout. The overall interior design and impressive finishes including the marble counter, ceramic tiles, and chandeliers helped to achieve the Middle East vibe.

The unit which the concepts were designed for unfortunately did not proceed, resulting in the LIFE business vision being refined, and subsequently, the retail ambition concentrating purely on pharmacy. Nonetheless, a smaller retail unit on Brompton Road, near the esteemed retailer Harrods was secured, and Retail Experience Design re-worked the designs to adapt to revised business ambition and smaller space.

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