Design Brief

Launched in 2018, Lark & Berry are the first designer jewellery brand in the world to use cultured diamonds and stones exclusively. Today, Lark & Berry are renowned for their elegantly designed, high-quality yet sustainably sourced cultured diamonds.

Opening their first flagship store in Covent Garden, London – Lark & Berry had a clear vision for their retail space. Leaders in sustainably sourced, yet exquisite and sublime pieces of jewellery, naturally Lark & Berry had their own ideas and designs for their first London store. Meaning the brief for Retail Experience Design was translate and cultivate Lark & Berry’s design ideas into achievable and workable space designs.

Our approach

Retail Experience Design carried out a thorough audit and survey of the original space to ensure Lark & Berry’s design perspective was feasible, as well as ensuring consideration was given to the flow of space, customer touchpoints and the way in which customers would interact with the product.

The stunning products demanded optimum display units to showcase their individual style and elegance, so the units needed to be designed and fabricated. This involved Retail Experience Design creating each of the bespoke units, ensuring meticulous attention was given to materials, finishes, lighting, size, and proportions. The units also included fabric embodied into the display units to elevate the products and value.

What we delivered

Retail Experience Design translated Lark & Berry’s design ideas into a physical retail environment, whilst ensuring the overall space delivered on retail practicality – essentially turning a design idea into reality.

The result – a unique store design which works hard to elevate the exquisite and elegantly designed jewellery pieces, whilst providing a customer experience that reflects the clean, cool, cultured brand values of Lark & Berry.

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