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Warwick Student’s Union


The Challenge

Warwick Student’s Union facilities building was an underutilised and tired space and often mistaken as an office foyer.  

We were given the brief to develop the facilities building into a usable and comfortable space that encourages students to come together to work and relax. 

What we did

We analyzed how students interacted with and navigated around space which showed us the current layout and flow of space wasn’t functional. 

Given that we needed to improve the flow of space without a full re-configuration, we introduced new touchpoints including entrance/welcome area, reception and information point and break out areas and integrated clear navigational signage and wayfinding. 

Insight & Strategy

Branding & Graphics

Concept, Design & Development

Technical Design & Drawings

Design Management



The re-design of Warwick Student’s Union facilities building transformed a tired and unused place into a fresh, practical, and comfortable space that encourages students to come together to work and relax.


“Highly recommend Retail Experience Design to fellow professionals who are looking to transform their existing spaces into dynamic and engaging areas that students and staff can connect with and enjoy

It has been great working with the team, and we are certainly pleased with the projects delivered to date!”

Jacqui Clements

Chief Executive, Warwick University Students Union

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