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Parker & Hammond


The Challenge

Parker and Hammond’s practice was long and narrow, with a copious number of frames on rods. Dispensing and retail blended together, making it difficult for patients-customers to browse products and providing an uncomfortable dispensing experience. The flow of space could have been more practical, with clinical areas feeling out of reach and cramped. 

Parker and Hammond gave us some clear objectives for re-designing their practice. 

  • To improve the perception of the practice 
  • Transform the practice interior, with focus on improving the retail operation of the business
  • Increase sales/profit across all areas
  • Build a reputation for being at the cutting edge of optical technology

What we did

Our design strategy was to return the space to the external walls and re-model the entire layout to achieve more space. We reviewed and re-developed the entire customer journey to ensure key touchpoints along the customer route and product interaction. Through the configuring, 4m of additional space was created, which allowed for an uninterrupted dispense to provide patients with time and space to trial their frames.

Insight & Strategy

Concept, Design & Development

Technical Design & Drawings

Design Management



The new space re-defined Parker and Hammond’s patient-customer experience and elevated their retail offering, developing the ability to enhance high-end brands. 

One year after their refit, Dipesh Chhatralia, Specialist Optometrist of Parker and Hammond’s shares their year on year improved sales.

  • Total sales up 25% Average Sale Value up 17%
  • Number of eye examinations up 13%
  • Number of spectacle dispenses up 10%
  • The average value of spectacle dispenses up 15%

“We chose to work with Retail Experience Design as we wanted a totally bespoke service and sought after a practice that looked unique. We wanted to create a truly welcoming environment for our patients to feel relaxed, to experience outstanding eyecare and choose the very best eyewear. Retail Experience Design listened to all of our requirements and designed an amazing retail environment that both our staff enjoy working in and a place where our patients love to shop. With guidance through materials and finishes that complimented our brand identity and the practice design, ensured everything really came together! Our shop fit was extremely challenging as we totally re-designed our retail space. 

Our shop premises had changing floor levels and ceiling heights that had to contend with and both Retail Experience Design and our chosen contractor worked hard to ensure the project was designed and delivered to perfection. Retail Experience Design supported us through the contractor selection process, ensuring we received a first-class end result that we were all pleased with. We could not be happier with the end result.”

Dipesh Chhatralia BSc (Hons) MCOptom

Specialist Optometrist, Parker & Hammond

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Working with the Working with the Optical Sector

We know what makes a successful space – somewhere you can provide both an exciting retail offer and an expert eyecare service. 

We can help:

  • Transform your traditional, tired interior into a unique retail space 
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your patients’ behaviours, wants, and needs to redefine your customer experience. 
  • Leverage your space to create a highly efficient working environment – one that balances ‘look and feel’ with functionality.

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