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Chapmans Opticians


The Challenge

With six eyecare practices spread across the Midlands, Chapmans Opticians enlisted our help to design a cohesive, consistent store concept to align with their brand values and enhance their customer-patient experience. Given that each of Chapmans’ six practices varied in market positioning—from value to mid-range and higher-end—and each had unique spatial configurations, building characteristics, and local demographics, a strategically tailored design approach was essential for their multi-location rollout.

What we did

Brand development – We started by refining Chapmans’ brand identity. Through customer profiling, we crafted a new brand that resonated with existing customers while worked to attract new, younger audiences. The result was a warm, inviting identity that reflects expert eyecare, quality, value, and style, designed to appeal to the entire community.

Store concept – With the new brand identity in place, we developed a scalable store concept that was first implemented in the Bromsgrove practice. The foundational design was created to be scalable and adaptable, ensuring key design elements would align with the market positioning of individual practices while always ensuring local relevance. A ‘value engineering’ approach was applied in selecting materials, fixtures, and fittings, again ensuring the design was appropriate for each individual practice.

Store fitout To enable Chapmans to source and select a local and competitively priced contractor to deliver their fitout, we developed a comprehensive design intent pack which included technical drawings and detailed specifications, to allow any industry recognised contractor to tender for the build.

Insight & Strategy

Branding & Graphics

Concept, Design & Development

Technical Design & Drawings

Design Management



Our strategic design approach provided Chapmans with a new brand and store concept along with a comprehensive plan for the efficient and cost effective roll out of their new practices across all locations; delivering brand cohesion, improved customer experience and efficient scalability.


As a long established family optical group with six optical outlets we worked with RED to re-develop our branding.  The team took a significant amount of time to understand the values of the business, how we felt we were evolving and how we wanted to be perceived by our client base.

RED went on to develop our flagship/concept store The shopfit  visuals and layout plans enabled the team to plan in detail how the re-located store would be laid out and stocked.  On completion of the shopfit build the store looked and felt exactly as the visuals looked meaning that the team were able to seamlessly move premises and re-open with great confidence.

This concept store design was then “tweaked” for other stores to reflect physical constraints of stores, client base, the locality and a desired flow of patients within the store. Throughout the process Dean and his team have always been keen to listen to concerns, suggest options and work with us to create designs and stores which achieve our desired look within our budget. I feel that this collaborative approach sets RED apart from its competitors and has helped us achieve growth in demand for appointments by 15% and turnover in excess of 20%.

Andy Chapman

Managing Director & Partner Chapman Opticians Ltd & Chapman & Myers.

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