Design Brief

Independent healthcare business, My Healthcare Clinic, provides private personalised medical, dental and specialist care under one roof. As part of their expansion programme, Retail Experience Design was appointed as strategic partners in the design and delivery of their new physical environment.  

With a brand-new commercial unit in Fulham – the brief was multifaceted, requiring both strategic design thinking and brand development capabilities. 

Our approach

As a new business to the area, both the physical environment and brand needed to work hard to attract, inform and engage with potential patients. So, the first stage of the project was to define the customer/patient profile and understand the key demographics of the area.  

It was this research that provided Retail Experience Design with the insights to build an accurate customer profile to base the application of design needed to connect with My Healthcare’s key target audience. The research also provided the insights needed to translate the brand into the physical environment, as well as improve in-store visual communications and wider marketing and internal comms. 

What we delivered  

Retail Experience Design’s skill for space planning and layout established the best use of the physical environment, particularly the flow of space and the entrance area – which along with the newly designed shop front would initiate the brand journey and patient/customer experience. Meticulous consideration was given to materials and finishes for the interior design, ensuring space worked hard to reflect the brand offer and values. The result – a premium healthcare space, that aesthetically delivered a calm, warm and natural feel. A far cry from a run of the mill clinical environment you might expect from an independent healthcare environment or clinic. 

From identifying the customer/ patient profile, space planning and layout, shop front design, interior design (including bespoke furniture) to graphics and POS, brand development and internal comms to producing the detailed drawings for manufacture and implementation; Retail Experience Design strategically managed all elements of the refit project. What’s more, we’re delighted and excited to be working with My Healthcare Clinic on their UK expansion and roll-out programme. 

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