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Multifunctional workspaces: Why flexibility is a must

As we continue to engage with our workspaces differently and remote and hybrid working is the norm – it’s no surprise that the traditional office environment is becoming superseded. Workspace interiors are being reimagined, work cultures redefined, and new design trends shaped.

Right now, one of the most significant considerations for employers is how workspaces can adapt to meet the needs of employees – and with all of us having different requirements- the workspace environment has to be versatile and multifunctional. Flexibility is an absolute must for today’s post-pandemic work environment.

While open layouts remain efficient and practical, and the desire for inspiring interior design is in demand – the evolution from the standard office environment demands more multifunctional and adaptable spaces. For example, open layouts need defined areas, open and closed, where employees can use the office to suit their needs.  

Defined spaces to encourage collaboration are no longer a trendy design feature, but integral in creating a work culture of inclusivity and community. With a focus on work-life balance, things have become that little bit more casual too. Creating a comfortable and relaxed space to emulate our home comforts are favoured, while bespoke social spaces are helping to encourage teams to enjoy downtime and socialising together. 

As the narrative around sustainability becomes more resounding, employers are looking to incorporate a sustainable approach to their culture, and this includes the workplace physical environment. Employers are committed to creating and healthy and sustainable workplace that inspires their employees.

Managing Director, Jonny Husband, Sapphire Eye Care, talks to us about his workspace design journey with Retail Experience Design.

Can you tell us why you decided on a new workspace design project? 

Providing a working environment designed to the very highest specification was critical to the future success of our business. Quite simply, we have created an environment that enables our team to provide the very best service to our patients.

What inspired your design brief?

To a certain extent, we were led by our brand guidelines, however, we took a lot of inspiration from our business. We work in surgical eye care therefore we knew we wanted to create something which has attention to detail at the very heart of the creation. We needed the space to be professional but comfortable, attractive but functional. 

How important is workspace design and why?

It was incredibly important to us, we wanted to create the environment our team deserves and one where they can feel proud to work. To achieve this you need to engage a design team that understands your business and shares your vision for the space.

Why did you choose Retail Experience Design?

Retail Experience Design had already completed work for us in another location. I was impressed with the creativity, quality, and speed of turnaround. It seemed a natural choice to select them for our office design.

How did you find the design process? 

To be honest, I found it fun, I have no design skills whatsoever, however, I was consulted throughout, and I found all of my feedback was taken into consideration before moving to the next stage. Even last-minute changes, despite difficulties, were taken on positively to achieve the desired outcome.

As with most project work regular, clear, and concise communication was fundamental to the success of the project. Retail Experience Design’s communication was second to none.

What were the biggest challenges during the process?

Coronavirus, supply chain, and availability of materials proved to be the biggest challenges during the project.

How would you explain the finished design and fit-out and what it has achieved?

We are absolutely delighted, the attention to detail is superb and we have created an environment that certainly has the wow factor and ticks the boxes of being professional yet comfortable and attractive yet functional.

A bespoke, fit-for-purpose, luxury office suite.

What advice would you give to anyone considering embarking on a new workspace design and why?

Don’t compromise on quality!

Johnny Husband
Managing Director, Sapphire Eye Care

Our mission was to create a workspace where our team feel proud to work. We wanted to create an environment which enables our team to provide the highest standard of care to our patients. To achieve this, we needed to engage a design team that understood our business and shares our vision for the space.

Sapphire Eye Care

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