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Stylish salon reception area

For hairdressing businesses it isn’t just about the exceptional services offered, it’s about the whole customer experience.

When it comes to retaining and attracting new clients, for hairdressing businesses it isn’t just about the exceptional services offered, it’s about the complete customer experience; and the salon aesthetics and space design are linked directly to creating this experience.

As most hair and beauty salon owners will tell you, it’s crucial as soon as the client steps foot in a salon, they feel welcomed and encouraged to relax. Clients want a sense of escapism; in an environment, they feel comfortable in. By providing an exceptional and memorable customer experience, this builds trust and will directly impact the retention of clients, as well as the opportunity to be recommended to friends and family.

As well as the overall interior and space design, a common challenge for many hairdressing businesses is the number of styling spaces located in the physical environment. Essentially, more styling stations increases the potential to achieve more revenue. But from a design perspective, it’s essential space doesn’t include too many workstations as overcrowding has the potential to impact on the customer flow and experience as well as compromising the feel of exclusivity.


INANCH LONDON is a great example of how considered design in the salon environment can create a customer experience that reflects the personality of the brand. Ultimately to help improve the potential, growth, and profitability of the business.

A multi-award-winning hairdressing business, recognised globally for their creativity and expertise in providing bespoke hair services and with an enviable reputation across the industry, INANCH LONDON’s salon environment failed to reflect the true personality and reputation of this exclusive hairdressing business. The interior design was dated, counters were too big and furniture impractical. The ambience and lighting did little to create the unique and luxurious customer experience INANCH LONDON strived to achieve.

Retail Experience Design worked with INANCH LONDON to create a professional, luxurious and unique environment. The aim to create a welcome, relaxed, and comfortable feel, with the design inspiration of achieving a boutique hotel type appearance and atmosphere.

A fundamental element of the design process included Retail Experience Design reviewing the complete space, including review layout and flow, lighting, signage, fixtures, displays, tables, experience areas, point of purchase displays, window displays and merchandising opportunities.

The design review totally transformed the salon, focusing on the customer experience as well as space practicality. It allowed for an indulgent and stylish reception and waiting area, creating a key design feature, as well as creating two extra workstations and a new hair wash / relaxation room.

The result – an indulgent and stylish setting, reflecting the unique personality and brand values of INANCH LONDON.

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